Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Baffled.. But not surprised

Something that really confuses me is the total lack of logic on the part of the left-wing media. While it doesn't surprise me in the least, I do have a hard time understanding the justification for the vilifying of the Bush administration over
A) the war in Iraq
B) Darfur.
If you want to say that we should not be interfering in foreign countries militarily, that we should offer aid, but not send in soldiers, etc., fine. If you want to say that, due to our resources and our position in world politics, we should act as a police force wherever it is necessary, fine. But to say that it was wrong for us to go into Iraq, and at the same time, to condemn Bush for not having intervened militarily in Darfur? It's not even a double standard! It's just plain illogical! Then again, should we expect any better from the media, whose former subtle left-wing bias has long since lost it's subtlety? I guess not...